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This site is a collection of user-submitted unfortunate quotes.  It is highly recommended that no one attempt to re-say anything on this website.  Consequences of re-saying anything on this site could be disastrous, including but not limited to such things as slaps, mocking, and unwanted children.   While they may be regrettable situations, hopefully we can all learn something from them.   And maybe we can feel better about our own regrets by sharing them.  Sometimes the only thing to do about a negative situation is to laugh.  This is a site for healing.

Owner and CEO: Jeremy T.D.
You can reach me at thingsiregretsaying@gmail.com
The opinions on this site are those of the users.  This site does not endorse any opinion expressed by the users.
©2013 Jeremy T.D.
Anyone caught mimicking this site, and/or copying any passages without permission will be sued.
Due to the nature of the site, please notify us at thingsIregretsaying@gmail.com if any users have submitted copyrighted material.  We are not responsible for any copyright infringements done by our users. 
Spammers will just be shot.  or at the very least taken out back and beat.

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